Visiting New York for the winter holidays

The state of New York offers so much to do. With its great cities such as New York City, Buffalo and Rochester and its man outdoor opportunities New York is a vacationers playground.


New York has many state parks and preserves including the Adirondack Park, the Catskill Park and the Montauk Point State Park with the Montauk Lighthouse. During the summer the weather is mild and the winter is very cold. These areas have surrounding camping, hiking, wildlife resorts, lodges and accommodations. The Hudson River runs through New York, and has many landmarks including West Point, Home of Franklin D Roosevelt National Historic Site, Bard College, Thayer Hotel, Bannerman’s Castle, the Hudson River Islands State Park, and home of the Hudson River School art movement. The Hudson River School painters captured the natural beauty of this area. Houses of the painters can be visited as well. Travel in this area can be done by car or boat through the New York State Canal System. New York also offers several beaches near New York City and along the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  The popular beach areas like the Hamptons, Oyster Beach, Rochester, Buffalo and Irving have many restaurants, bars and beach resort, beach club accommodations.


New York is the 3rd most populated state in the US. New York City megalopolis is a world-class city. New York City has many famous attractions such as The Statue of Liberty, the Ne York Stock Exchange, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Central Park, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Broadway, as well as, endless shopping, art galleries, restaurants, people watching and many unique neighborhoods like Chinatown and West Village. New York City is home to the New York Mets, New York Yankees, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and more sports teams.  Buffalo in upstate NEW York is another popular city- it is near Niagra Falls, has great buffalo wings, great hotels and shopping and during the winter seasons becomes a winter wonderland of sledding and snow activities.

New York has man large chain hotels and resorts especially in the metro areas. In the country are many remote lodges. Upstate Lake Pleasant areas offer several lodges and resorts such as Lake Placid Lodge.  This area also has ski areas such as Whiteface Mountain.

New York State has a lot of locally grown organic foods such as blueberries, apples, beans, greens and wine.  Butcher shops still exist commonly in New York with fresh local meat.  Western New York makes Buffalo wings and Weck Sandwiches. New York city is a mecca of fine dining, diners, bakeries, bagels & coffee chops, new york pizza and hot dogs and street food vendors- when deciding where to eat in the city it is best to keep your budget in mind.

Travelling in New York can be done by air, car, bus or train. In state travel is best by train if you don’t want to take on the weather. Major New York airports include John F Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Greater Rochester International, Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Plattsburg International Airport, Stewart International Airport, Albany International Airport and Buffalo Niagra International Airport.


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